Nieuw lid: Ingrid Petit

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Background, study, specialisation, work
I am a French self employed architect, working in the north of France. I have professional links with the Netherlands for 6 years. I was student at the Tu delft in 2000/2001.   
My diploma and my 2 first professional years have been focused on social housing and self organised housing and work spaces. Then I have joined Hein de Haan (Citymix) in Amsterdam with who I have worked several years on mixed-uses CPO (collective particulier opdrachtgevershaap) projects for artists. I am now working on similar project in France: for collective clients and with bottom up processes.   
Besides, up to 2009, I have organised several study tour about Architecture, Urbanism and Sustainability in the Netherlands for the French Ministry of Sustainable Development and for other public and private organisations.    
As architect, I am also designing bridges and waterside planning in France with Dutch and French architects and engineers.   
Expectations you have in regard to Architectura et Amicitia
I am pleased to join the AetA association in order to reinforce my links with the Netherlands.  I am curious about contemporary and historical architecture projects in the Netherlands. I expect to develop my knowledge and my inspiration by visits and conferences from A&A.  
I appreciate the pragmatic design methods and process management in the Netherlands. I am happy to meet other professionals and exchange vieuws about our professional lives.  
Finally, I am honoured to join the ancient and prestigious organisation of A&A 


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